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Experiences and psycho-emotional accompaniment through art

We are an Art Therapy office focused on psycho-emotional health, which accompanies and guides psycho-emotional processes in people or groups that are looking for tools and support to go through new or challenging moments, with a methodology based on artistic creation. Our pillars are discovery, expression, understanding and safe space.

What is it for?

Papel reciclado

To manage

  • Stress management.

  • Fear management.

  • Management of anxiety or depression.

  • Clarify a vital crisis.

  • Facilitate emotional expression.

Papel reciclado

To get through

  • Grieving processes.

  • Oncology treatments.

  • Autoimmune diseases.

  • Breakup or affective disappointment.

  • Dmental health diagnoses

Papel reciclado

To learn

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Emotional regulation.

  • Expression of emotions.

  • Creativity without blocks.

  • Self-knowledge

Art therapy is for you, if...

  • You do not find spaces to talk about yourself.

  • You have lost socialization spaces.

  • You find it hard to talk about your emotions.

  • You find it difficult to face the uncertainty of life. 

  • You find it difficult to express vulnerability. 

  • You find it difficult to set or adjust limits.



I have a different disposition when making decisions. Perhaps the process of identifying possibilities became clearer.

personal level

The space gave me the possibility to execute the desire. And the art-therapist and her space were especially honest in what they did.

about the art therapist

My stress and anxiety levels have dropped significantly. I have reduced my self-judge and now I have more self-compassion.

stress and anxiety

Because it is such an intimate space, from my point of view, if I don`t connect or feel trust with my art therapist, then it becomes an obligation to go. Natalia as an art therapist is someone who always creates a safe space for me and that is not easy.

About the art therapist

Since I have been doing art therapy I have learned to understand the people around me and I have also noticed that they get closer to me.

The relationship with my mother has improved a lot in being able to understand her, art therapy has given me tools to deal with others.

Family / social level

It has led me to ask myself very important questions, to the inner investigation of really understanding what I want professionally, the greatest effect has been to connect with my true values, discover myself and get to know myself in my preferences, plans and projects.

Professional level

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