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Image by Shashi Chaturvedula

Art and Wellness program

Concepts: Experience, discover and inner systems

OBJECTIVE: Increase well-being by learning physical, emotional and mental relaxation strategies.


  • Meditation for mental training. Mental relaxation.

  • Promote body consciousness through muscular movement.

  • Expressing and exploring emotions using art.

  • Exploring the sense of taste and smell. Mindful eating.  

  • Deep relaxation states through sound waves. Healing sounds

Image by Motunrayo Babatunde



We will learn and taste three aromas on special points of the body like neck, ears and hands. We will use lavender (chill out), orange (lit up) and peppermint (breath). A brief explanation about how nature smells connect directly with our brain and benefits. 


Meditation sessiones

We will incorporate meditation as a tool for self-observation of the state of the mind. We use Anapana meditation observing the natural breathing in the framework of the body understanding the connection between mind and body.

Image by Ben White
Image by Gabin Vallet


Self-care basics

We will provide self-care tools that can be easily practiced on a daily routine. This is focused on addressing the mobility and stress management, especially for people who tend to work sedentary. It is based on synchronized movement, yoga, and breathing exercises.


Shape of my heart. Painting

We talk about basic and common emotions, but our way of feeling them is unique. This workshop aims for participants to shape their emotions by assigning them visual properties through painting. Participant identifies, visualizes and contacts the emotion, without losing sight of the security and support of the materials themselves.

Image by Tetiana Bykovets


Mindful-eating Cocoa

We will take the original exotic fruit, now cultivated around Colombia. We will discover what is the part of the plant used to make chocolate. Then, we will taste the chocolate drink like it is prepared inside the Colombian families, especially in cold weather. Be aware of smell and flavor


Collage the world

This workshop allows participants to recognize and accept their perceptions of the world, through triggering images. Saying what we see and sharing different perceptions increase self-listening and empathy and self-kindness. This prepares them for the creation of a layered image, in which accepted judgments turn into experimentation and surprise.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor


Discover body drawing

This workshop seeks to amplify the usual range of movement of the body. The participants will activate different parts usually abandoned due to the patterns of everyday life. They will become aware of the real dimensions of the body, limbs and central structures through long movements that leave a mark.

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