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Psycho-emotional accompaniment through art


NC- Art and Wellness

It is a proposal that is framed in Colombia and was born to provide accompaniment and psycho-emotional support, through art, into societies in progress that is looking inward to rebuild itself through renewed methodologies.

We understand art therapy as a vehicle to awaken and nourish the wisdom that exists in people with the purpose of finding and expanding their resources to continue living life in a balanced way.

Artista plástica, Magister en Arte terapia


Master in Art Therapy from the UCM and UAM of Spain, memberof the Colombian Association of Art Therapy y of the Ibero-American Forum of Art Therapy (AFIA).

Natalia defines her work as a practical accompaniment to clarify, understand and grow in tools for life. His model focuses on getting a calm look at the facts of life to understand that crises and discomfort are inevitable and what we can change is what we do with it.

His academic interest addresses how artistic creation within a framework of freedom and security slows down the flow of thoughts and reorganizes the perspectives with which we face the world.

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