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Natalia Cardona | Art and health is a proposal that is framed in Colombia, a progressive society that is looking inward to rebuild itself through renewed methodologies. In the city of Bogotá, the NC-Arte y Salud office was born, which provides accompaniment and psycho-emotional support through art, contributing to a society of responsible, conscious and happy subjectivities, prepared to face the events of life.

We accompany vital processes through personalized sessions, and provide new psychological and emotional resources that help them navigate life and gain clarity about themselves.

We do it through an experiential methodology based on a deep look at life and human suffering (GVM), with the strategic use of exercises and artistic materials combined with moments of dialogue and reflection and always with the committed and empathic guidance of the art therapist.

We believe that well-being is the result of meeting our needs and evolving in psycho-emotional resources and the creative capacity of the human being is a potential to be developed in the therapeutic context, which allows comprehensive and profound changes to be achieved. Our purpose is to contribute to a citizenry with new emotional relationship strategies based on responsibility, creativity and good living, assuming Art Therapy as a profession of great impact in the reconstruction and construction of peace and progress in Colombia.

Our vision in the future is to contribute to the consolidation of Art Therapy as a profession, being pioneers in the understanding and operation of this discipline. Produce academic research per year for indexed journals, which accounts for the successful experiences of our practice. We want to establish a confidential and safe space for the monitoring of around 36 vital processes and 12 organizational workshops per year. Always keeping our methodology updated with scientific and journalistic research on the effects of art on health.

That is why the essence of NC-Arte y Salud is to connect with your inner world through artistic creation and a specialized guide. Our pillars are discovery and creativity, expression and freedom, analysis and understanding; and the safe and empathic space. And our main values are intimacy, depth, reciprocity and clarity.


I seek to expand personal growth and self-knowledge, and contribute to the construction of a society made up of subjectivities of wisdom and well-being to face the events of life.

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